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Committed to intelligent evacuation indicator system and the development and manufacture of fire emergency lighting

Intelligent evacuation system
Intelligent evacuation system solutions

AEmergency lamps:Concentrated power concentrated control type intelligent evacuation instructions and emergency lighting system

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Fire emergency light
Fire emergency lighting solution

BEmergency lamps:Fire emergency lighting、Exit lamp、Emergency absorb dome light、Emergency downlight etc

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Our Achievements

Our achievements

18Years of development,Art light get outstanding results

What we'll do

Art light intelligent evacuation system brand promotion

Power wisdom city in the future,Build a new era wisdom fire

Different art light intelligent evacuation system
Intelligent evacuation indicator system

The use of advanced two wire system,Optimization of engineering construction installation and debugging。More secure,More secure,More efficient

Intelligent fire evacuation of lamps and lanterns

Many innovative intelligent evacuation indicator lamps and lanterns and intelligent fire emergency lighting lamps and lanterns

National high and new technology enterprise

Independent research and development center

Innovative patented technology

18Witnesses in brand


The products sell well abroad

Distribution network throughout the country

Engineering services support


Provide free of charge

Cooperative brand

Cooperation brand

They all chose the art light

Service detail

Service process

12Service process,Provide professional support all dimensions

Demand is put forward

Provide project or product requirements

Information provided

Provide the relevant drawings or other information

Professional assessment

Evaluation scheme or product technical feasibility

Scheme optimization

We proposed optimization Suggestions

Factory price

Our company according to the final quotation

Signed cooperation

Both parties confirm signing relevant contracts

Product arrangement

We arrange production or shipment

Installation instructions

We provide product installation guidance

The system debugging

According to customer requirements in terms of system debugging

Fire acceptance

Improve the fire acceptance certificate and information provided

After-sales service

We provide full dimension after-sale protection

Brand protection

Our company all products are brand protection


Dynamic information

1 September,Don't forget ShiEn,I wish the teacher happy holidays!

1 September,Don't forget ShiEn,I wish the teacher happy holidays!

The teacher as the sea,Tolerance for the boat,We never know the broad sea;The teacher,Tolerance for the diameter,Follow mountaineering,We never know the tall mountains,T...

10 Sep 2019To view more
To strengthen the research and development,To playOEMAdvantage,The“Brand”The road to go further

To strengthen the research and development,To playOEMAdvantage,The“Brand”The road to go further

Art light fire is a rich experience of national hi-tech research and development enterprises,Research and development innovation to build core competence has always been a male...

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18Witnesses in brand - National high and new technology enterprise

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