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    Jining inflammation industrial and mining machinery equipment co., LTD. The main production:Mine galvanized cable hook、Prestressed steel wire、Civil engineering materials、Explosion-proof electrical appliances、Pneumatic tools、Lifting equipment、The rock drill、Rock drill、Crusher、Anchor drilling machine、Pick、Electric drill、Tamping machine、Pneumatic shovel、Coal drill pipe and other industrial and mining equipment and accessories。
    The company was founded in21In the early centuries,Located in the beautiful the beijing-hangzhou grand canal bank,Located in the hometown of Confucius in manufacturing center and logistics center,The environment is exquisite,The traffic is very convenient,Is the collection mining supplies、Mechanical and electrical equipment、Pneumatic machinery、Shotcrete support and parts design、Production、Sales for the integration of professional industrial and mining equipment manufacturing enterprises。 Company existing staff two hundred people,The new plant covers an area of five thousand square meters,The company has economic and trade branch、The sales department、Logistics department、Warehousing department、Machinery accessories factory five departments,Strong technical force,Has a group of professional talents of science and technology,Sophisticated production equipment,Strict management measures,The production of spray equipment、Drilling equipment、Supporting equipment and related accessories have reached the international advanced level,Conform to the national coal security certification standards,Since put on the market,Trusted by the masses of users。

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  • The sleeve valve tube grouting process of soil


    Fracturing grouting reinforcement is mainly used for soil preparation or local reinforcement of soft soil foundation,Dam seepage and land subsidence appeared in the process of deep foundation pit in construction of the reinforcement,The plugging of seepage water of foundation pit。According to different site of grouting requirements can be divided into single hydraulic pressure grouting method and double hydraulic slurry method。The general formula of the single hydraulic slurry by cement、Fly ash、Swelling, such as material composition and so on,And double hydraulic slurry is in the single hydraulic slurry are formulated to make cement rapid solidification material such as sodium silicate

  • Purge ZhuYan Thai mining open great luck in the New Year


    In my company2Month11Days for the opening,Normal order,Welcome new and old customers to come to consult。At the same time,I wish in the new and old customers2019In physically fit,All the best,A happy family!Pig to fame,Congratulation,Thank you for support、Trust、To understand。In the coming days,Thai industrial and mining will grow together with you,With us。

Jining phlogistic Thai industrial and mining machinery co., LTD

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