City east vicious nymphs food co., LTD is in guangdong province“Poverty alleviation leading agricultural enterprises”,Company predecessor is the county east vicious nymphs LaWei food processing plants,Was established1983Years4Month,2004Years2Menstrual approved change to city east vicious nymphs food co., LTD,I companies are able to healthy and rapid development,The key is to implement“The company+The base+Farmers”The business model,Make full use of vicious unique inherent in the east wind climate natural resources,Development and innovation of the traditional air drying LaWei series products and cool fruit etc series products。To occupy the market for air drying LaWei series of products has laid a solid foundation,At present our company production“Nymphs”Brand......

Thank you for the support and trust of friends from all walks of life to my company。
Address: City east vicious town of guangdong province economic development zone
The phone: 0763-6269320

Fax: 0763-6269109
Zip code: 513423

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