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Su KaiXiang nc machinery co., LTD is a set of product research and development、Design、Production、Manufacturing、Sales、Service in a body。Our factory main products are:Z3040Radial drill,Z3050Radial drill,The hydraulic radial drillSuch as machineryProduct specification is complete,Processing quality。Our factory technical force is abundant,Advanced process equipment,Organizational management strictly,The product USESGB/T19001-ISO9002The international standard,The years by users of praise。
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Z3050RadialZ3050Radial drill

Z3050RadialZ3050Radial drilling machine

3040Radial3040Radial drill

TheThe hydraulic radial drill

MetalMetal band sawing machine

3040Radial3040Radial drilling machine

Z3050TheZ3050The hydraulic radial drill

Z3040RadialZ3040Radial drilling machine

Z3040RadialZ3040Radial drill

Z5150VerticalZ5150Vertical drilling machine
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