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Beijing is home decoration material co., LTD
Beijing is home decoration materials co., LTD., headquartered in Beijing, the capital of China,To facilitate the customers to discuss cooperation and the choose and buy products,Specially set up two high-end integrated independent exhibition hall is located in the famous Beijing
Fujian dragon ceramic headquartersAArea09Number and the largest lighting sells ten mile river lighting city in north ChinaAA layer。At the same time,The company's various series products have a large number of spot,Township in the chaoyang district ShiBaLiDian has more than two thousand square meters warehouse。Over the years,We are professional、Focus、Concentrate on work attitude to provide customers with comprehensive support services,Regardless of the carpet、Wallpaper、Wooden floor or the curtain cloth art,PVCCoil and stone,
From the design、Figure captions、Typesetting orders into production,Transportation,Construction and after-sales maintenance,Including the company's business personnel,Designer,Logistics and
Dozens of construction team,Work closely with,To provide customers with services of precision。 
Carpet cleaning you know?Cowhide、Wool、Jute、Polyester、Polypropylene, respectively, how to properly clean?
About the carpet cleaning: 【Cowhide、Wool】As is known to all,Cowhide rug in the process of joining together with floating hair is normal,Early in the process of use,Need to use a vacuum cleaner to suck once a week。About the cleaning,Can use white vinegar and a teaspoon1000Ml warm water mixed cleaner clean up,But before using cleaner,Please try to clean the carpet surface moisture adsorption,Pay attention to not wash。 【Jute】Clean the dirt on the hemp,As far as possible to wash with water,Remember do not steam cleaning。Can use a small amount of soda water or a mild soapy water with a cotton cloth to wipe。 【Polyester fiber polypropylene】Available washing detergent and soap,Washing
The balcony curtain color choice,What are the taboos?
The curtain is one of the interior space is an important and indispensable decoration,Not only the adornment effect,Can also be well covered the sun and protect the privacy of the interior。What is a good color but the balcony curtain?What are the geomancy taboo?
How to choose a blanket household
In the early decorate a style,If you use the carpet,Like the whole room is covered,Now too many public design。Spread carpet completely, of course, also has the advantage of him in the household environment;But,Home use small carpet price will be higher:1、Convenient to change:Not only can be pulled down to clean,You can also change at any time,Change the household style。2、Match the floor:Not fully cover your carefully selected wood floor,Carpet and floor match more layers。Size selection according to the location of the carpet:1、Sofa area:For the biggest three sofa,Choice200×300cmThe carpet is long-so large
I heard you on the carpet cleaning is very headache
We all know that the carpet of cloth art、Sofa is not cheap,Not good,But in the home,Decoration is extremely emotional appeal of items,Probably should be the words“Love is longitudinal know you all faults,I give thousand zhangs tender feelings。”So after we use for a long time,How simple do it themselves?  Hard to do exactly what is?●A sudden accident,Red wine、Coffee、Coke、Fruit juice for soft outfit furniture such as destruction。  Originally glamorous beloved objects into a two-tone color stain,As white as the mosquito blood on the wall to let a person afflictive。Like a drop-dead gorgeous beauty,Just pushed a wrinkle
Maintenance of curtain little knowledge
The curtains,Believe that every household can have,Everyone knows the curtain can shading,Sunscreen can protect privacy,Decorate the home more magnificent decorations,But you know not to know how the curtain maintenance?Small make up tell you! The curtain maintenance skills1.The curtain should generally welcome once a week,Especially pay attention to removing dust between the fabric structure。  2.Cleaning the different need different methods:Ordinary fabric curtain can use wet cloth scrub,But easy to shrink the fabric or imported high-grade fabrics suggested that choose the dry cleaning。     3.Cleaning the curtains can't use the detergent containing bleaching compositions,Every half a year should be regularly cleaned。
Fifty degrees of grey——The carpet、The curtains
Many designers prefer grey leng yan 50 degrees,Give a person with rational grey space design、Calm down、Composed,More used in modern design。It is home to the popular and representative of an outfit、Tooling is represented,Collect the following classic case,Introduce soft outfit main curtain is home、The push of carpet。The moment it is soft outfit to stores in high-end design customization,The curtains、The collocation of carpet will further improve the whole space,Is also home to is soft outfit material with owner and designer's choice,Provides the high quality curtains、The supply of carpet。
Release time: 2019-04-28

All the year round,Everyone living in the present to the future full of hope。Every day,Welcome the sunrise off sunset,Every time is the scene rather than a dress rehearsal of life,No can be heavy to rewind mode。Live for the moment is to live out the wonderful。The fast pace of urban life,Always will miss some good。Miss the sunset、Miss the flowers leaves、Miss the sound of birds、Miss vernacular、Miss because of busy。Busy at the moment——The common fault of the modern young people,For a long time in the city hustle and bustle,And shall not escape,Shall not be put down,Because of the need to carry a responsibility and life。Is the home of the young team,The city in Beijing,To take rootTo check the details >>

  • Chenille fabric characteristics of chenille fabric is a new type of fancy yarn,By twisting the camlet caught in the middle of spinning method。General advice for making sofa sets、Bedspread、The carpet、The adornment such as the curtain,This kind of fabric to make the household articles for use with thick feeling,Looks more upscale,Feel is good,And the fabric surface,Suspension performance is good。2How about the chenille fabric  Chenille fabric material products not only has excellent properties,And combined with embroidery and printing and dyeing process,In the home environment has the very good adornment effect,Create custom curtains for example:Window curtain curtain、Curtain of drilling hole、Roman shade, etc,The material